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Misfit City #1

Written by Kirsten Smith and Kurt Lustgarten
Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz
Published by BOOM! Box

Hands up if you love the Goonies. Good, good, we’re on the same page. And have I got a great new read for you.

In a seaside Oregon town, the local economy has dissolved into harvesting oysters and milking the tourists who want to see where cult adventure film, The Gloomies, was made. Four young women pass time working unfulfilling jobs and playing poker while whining about the obsessive fans. But one night, a local eccentric leaves a mysterious locked trunk to the town’s museum, and the girls find a treasure map inside. So it’s time to start an adventure of their own!

Writer Kirsten Smith has a pedigree including Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You, so it’s no surprise that the book moves like a film, with immediate character distinction and a rich pacing. The sense of these women as discouraged townies who hate faking smiles for entitled preps hoping to recreate their favorite movie – that’s real and different, and it never breaks the heartfelt Richard Donner optimism of The Goonies. Queer illustrator Naomi Franquiz gives these women a range of realistic bodies, always maintaining the innocent thread that hooked us as children with our worn-out VHS copies.

This book is only going to get better as the girls embark with their new map. If you are a fan of Lumberjanes, or The Goonies, or adventure, or your own childhood, this is the new book you have to read. Ultimate Comics has plenty of copies, so come on down! (They’ve also got some leftover Free Comic Book Day supplies if you act fast.)

MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics