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Revolutionaries #1

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Fico Ossio
Publisher: IDW

Revolutionaries takes place in the aftermath of the IDW event crossover Revolution, which saw characters like Rom and Optimus Prime join forces. Continuing to capitalize on their partnership with Hasbro, IDW pulls out all their tools for this book to provide a massive world-building experience.

Story-wise, this issue features Action Man, Blackrock, Mayday and Kup responding to a crisis in the country of Kalistan (which plays a big role in the G.I. Joe universe). Rom also makes an appearance here to fight the Oktober guard; and while the first act mostly consists of chaotic action, there’s a nice setup for a larger mystery at play in this series.

Crossover comics are usually hit or miss for me, but here writer John Barber handles the material well, balancing the scope of an expanding universe and multiple characters with a focused story. Likewise, Fico Ossio’s art is more than enough to grab the reader’s attention. The action sequences are particularly stylistic, with a strong sci-fi aesthetic throughout.

And while the book is more geared toward readers who are already immersed in this universe, there is a very helpful timeline at the beginning of the issue which recaps major events from the G.I. Joe/Transformers/Rom books, as well as extensive character bios in the back. Plus, the folks at Ultimate Comics are more than willing to help you find trades and single issues to help you get caught up. All in all, this one’s worth checking out.

-Kevin Schaefer for Ultimate Comics