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Ether #1

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by David Rubin
Published by Dark Horse Comics

Boone Dias looks at fantasy worlds and thinks, “Hunh. I can explain that.” Which makes him a great detective. And kind of a jerk.

In this new series by Matt Kindt and Davis Rubin, Boone is a scientist obsessed with cataloguing and rationally explaining all the elements of The Ether, a whimsical space of talking animals and magical creatures. In his investigations, he has accidentally solved a lot of mysteries, so the story picks up on his latest case, a locked-room murder. This update to the Sherlock mythology would be good enough on its own, but the issue ends with a shocking reveal calling the entire nature of The Ether into question.

Matt Kindt dazzled with the intricate plotting and mind games of his series Mind MGMT, and Rubin’s artwork dances through both the silly cartoons of The Ether and the harsh cruelty of Boone’s home in the real world. This book is a fun challenge for fans of Saga, I Hate Fairyland, and the Wizard Of Oz. Come on down to any of the three Ultimate Comics locations and soften your post-Con delirium with a great new series.