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Seven To Eternity

Written by Rick Remender
Art by Jerome Opena
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Published by Image Comics

Rick Remender teams up this week with a couple of old friends, Jerome Opena from Uncanny X-Force and Matt Hollingsworth from Fear Agent. Together, they build a fantasy world bleeding with dark horror and challenge our obedience to fear.

The Osidis family live an honorable life in exile from the lands of the Mud King. The King, also called the God Of Whispers, controls vast and terrible magic, but the most important power he has is to manipulate minds. Instead of raising an army, he makes his enemies kill each other and themselves. Zebediah Osidis is the only man to refuse to submit to him. The story picks up when the Mud King’s monstrous forces finally find Zeb’s family and force son Adam into an impossible decision to save the lives of the few survivors.

The story is dark and beautiful, and the art makes it even better. Opena’s concept is a fantasy world blended with Wild West and outer space elements, with magic that flows in curls and waves but kills despite its beauty. Hollingsworth places careful glows around the magic, making even mundane colors like red and blue into scary distortions.

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– MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics