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Witchfinder: City Of The Dead #1

Story by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson
Art by Ben Stenbeck
Publiched by Dark Horse Comics

Sir Edward Grey is an occult investigator in Victorian London of the Hellboy universe – your reaction to that sentence tells you everything you need to know about whether you should buy this book. This story begins as Sir Edward closes a case of an abducted nobleman, then investigates a zombie murder. Along the way, he’s waylaid by August Swain of the sinister cabal Heliopic Brotherhood Of Ra, wanting him to investigate an Egyptian tomb found below London’s cobblestoned streets.

This series blends the arch stylings of Sherlock Holmes with the rich supernatural elements of Hellboy, and the result is a great, creepy read. It’s more serious than, say, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but it’s not pretentious. As the cool fall weather finally kicks in this weekend, curl up with a scary comic book like this one, courtesy of the gang at Ultimate Comics.

-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics