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Justice League Rebirth #1

Written and Drawn by Bryan Hitch
Published by DC Comics

The Justice League punches big monsters. It’s just what they do. And under Bryan Hitch, the Reborn version of the League gets to keep doing what they do best.

The main story of the book is straightforward and classic, holding the main ideas of DC’s Rebirth approach of showcasing what makes their characters so legendary. A giant bug monster descends on New York City and wreaks havoc among a frightened populace, playing to Hitch’s blockbuster reputation. Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash fight it as a team, but they’re not sure if they can trust the new Superman (a transplant from another universe, taking a spot after the death of the New 52 Superman) or either of the new Green Lanterns (the former villain Power Ring and the Middle Eastern Green Lantern).

Justice League is the tentpole of the DC Universe, bringing all the icons to the shared table. It needs to be able to tell stories to the people who are only reading that title, but it also has to respect people who are in because they’re already reading the Superman books. Bryan Hitch has a tough time balancing this, even with a decent structure of flashbacks and cutaways from the monster fight to show Diana mourning her boyfriend or Lois Lane encouraging her Superman to take his place on the League and stop trying to get them back to their home reality. The more familiar reader of DC Rebirth will get more out of this book, but a casual fan like me can still follow along and just focus on the punching and zapping.

DC Rebirth has been a great endeavor so far, highlighting the joy and courage of the DC line and shaking off the gloomy muck of the past decade of publishing. If you haven’t dipped a toe in yet, this book is a great start. When you come to Ultimate Comics to get your copy, talk to the staff about where else you can get your favorite characters, as they probably already have their own Rebirth issue on the stands by now. Enjoy this bright new day, DC fans.

-Matt Conner for Ultimate Comics