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Micronauts #1

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by David Baldeon
Published by IDW

The Micronauts were a group of popular action figures in the 80’s, but I was more of a He-Man, Ninja Turtles guy, so my exposure to the characters was from Marvel comics. Much like ROM The Spaceknight, Marvel lost the rights to reprint those books, but IDW has picked them up and is launching new takes on the property. This company recently did an amazing reimagining of Power Rangers, and Cullen Bunn has become one of the most popular writers after gritty series like Magneto, Harrow County, and Uncanny X-Men, so I went in to this book with fuzzy memories and high hopes.

Those hopes were rewarded. Absolutely nothing in this book looked familiar, so don’t worry about continuity. This book is a complete new story and an excellent first issue. The cold open is a terrifying recording of a world eaten by a sentient wave of energy. Most of the book introduces Oz, the leader of a colorful group of smugglers tasked to steal some medical supplies from a battlefront between the vicious Baron Karza and the Ministry Of Science. Because this is a first issue, the mission goes in no way according to plan, and mayhem ensues.

Science fiction, especially space opera, can be off-putting, but Bunn and Baldeon focus on the humanity and charm. This book is less about the robots and spaceships and more about the people piloting them, just trying to pull a job and pay rent. Conversations hint at significant backstory and world-building but the expository monologues that drag this type of book down are completely absent, swapped out for tidy exchanges between richly-realized characters. I still know nothing about the original toys, and I love that I could enjoy the heck out of this book anyway. Bunn and Baldeon work perfectly together, and I am excited to see where this team takes the story next.

Head on down to Ultimate Comics to pick up your copy! Fans of the original toys or comics, let us know how this relaunch holds up to your childhood memories!

-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics