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The House Of Montresor #1

The House Of Montresor #1
Written by Enrica Jang
Art and Letters by Jason Strutz
Action Lab

Long-time friend of Ultimate Comics, artist Jason Strutz has a new miniseries out from Action Lab continuing one of Poe’s most haunting tales.

Last month, Strutz and writer Enrica Jang adapted the Poe classic, Cask Of Amontillado, in a stunning one-shot splashing with lush Carnival visuals and atmospheric underworld gloom. Having established their credentials as a talented creative team with a deep respect for the source material, the duo now moves on to a miniseries set two generations after Montresor murdered Fortunato.

Charming lead character Edana Fortunato has been at school in London until she is summoned to the family estate, where she will have to live for one month before she can inherit its vast riches and connected power. On her arrival, the lawyer managing the inheritance tells her about a family legacy of madness, mystery, and loss, and the following morning, an interaction with her grandmother gives Edana even more reason to doubt all she knows about her bloodline.

This book is a classic Hammer Horror movie enshrined on the page, with elevated dialogue that still sounds natural and lavish sets bathed in firelight. The more exposition-heavy pages are balanced by sumptuous illustrations so indulgent that the reader can almost hallucinate the music in the Carnival flashback. Strutz is developing a signature manner of throwing the reader’s eye across the page or smoothly guiding the view, giving elegantly titrated experiences of mood and tone in a story where very little dramatic action actually happens. Jang has already built complicated main characters worthy of Poe’s work on the sinister Montresor.

This book is a treat for fans of literature or horror. Make sure to get a copy while they last.

-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics