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Last Gang In Town #1

Last Gang In Town #1
Writer Simon Oliver
Artist Rufus Dayglo
Colors Giulia Brusco

This new Vertigo series takes its name from a Clash album and evokes the punk rock out of Britain in the late 1970s in more ways than just that. The story follows a powerful woman in a Swiss nursing home as she remembers life in the 1977 punk scene as she built her criminal empire to stick it to the aristocracy. Setting that cartel up includes recuiting the Heavy Mannerz, a trio of aggressive teens unafraid to use a little larceny and public disturbance to set up for the next gig they booked in a BDSM bar.

The writing and art are uniquely filthy. London is drawn with streets strewn with garbage, her people covered in sores and other imperfections, her punks bedecked in safety pins through noses and stockings alike. Characters curse as often as they breathe, and even for a Vertigo book, the sexual content is graphic. This isn’t a book for children, but for readers with a fondness for this era of music history, it’s going to hit the right notes.

Head on down to Ultimate Comics in Raleigh or Chapel Hill to pick up your copy!

-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics