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Vandroid Van-Club Exclusive

Vandroid.block2The year was 1984.  In a windowless warehouse building on the outskirts of Palm Springs, California, an unknown purveyor of grindhouse cinema was beginning principal photography on what would be its last movie ever.

The movie was called Vandroid, a sci-fi action spectacular about a home-made humanoid robot gone awry.  According to a press release at the time this hugely ambitious production was set to feature, “fast paced action with audacious stunts, jaw-dropping special effects and a raft of memorable characters – all backed by an atmospheric synth score.”

Sadly, Vandroid would not be completed according to plan.  A few weeks after filming commenced, a freak fire raged out of control, destroying the studio. The courts found the owners innocent. Insurance checks were cut. And the masters for the film were lost forever. Only the screenplay and a handful of promotional materials have survived.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Vandroid will emerge from the ashes with the release of a restored soundtrack and the publication of a comic book series based on the original screenplay.

Published by Dark Horse, the five issue comic mini-series Vandroid will be released in February 2014. Ultimate Comics is proud to be the official retailer of the Vandroid comic and to be able to offer the Vandroid #1 Van-Club Exclusive Variant & Van-Club membership pack!








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