Ultimate March Madness How to Play

Clash of Super Heroes

How to Play

If you’re at all familiar to the wildly popular sporting event that birthed this idea, you’ll know exactly what to do! If however, you’re less familiar with it (or if you’ve never seen a basketball bracket at all!), no worries, don’t be intimidated, it’s VERY simple. You just print out the bracket (or edit it online) and write in the same of whom you believe would be victorious between the two conjoined teams. After determining your winners from each of the first round fights, you’ll have eliminated half of the competitors and you’ll have the other half paired off with your selections. Repeat the process until you get the only one team remaining in the very center; this year’s Ultimate Champion!

If you’re stuck or having trouble with a team, check out the contestants, ranked, seeded, and given a little blurb on our website. Feel free to work backwards, picking your champion first and seeing whom all they have to beat to get there. Have fun with it! There’ approximately 9.2 quintillion different possibilities so fill out as many brackets as you want to.

Each winning team that you choose that ends up winning in our actual competition will earn you points. You’ll get one point for each first round selection that you get, 2 points for each second round, 4 points for the third round, 8 points for the fours, etc. Whomever submits the bracket with the most point at the end of the tournament will win a prize!

The Method

Hand picked from across the multi-verse to display the best array of contestants possible, every single duo should be considered plucked from their most iconic time together. Some duos have a lot more history together than other, and some changed a lot since they’ve been regular partners, but the version that’s being used is always going to be their most well known comic book version. None of the fights are considered “to the death,” and instead you may just consider the general question of, “who would win in a fight.” While specific objectives and victory conditions may differ from comic to comic, the generality of “who would win in a fight,” is a strong enough basis for determining a winner of each matchup. Every matchup get debated and scored by a team of Ultimate Comics professionals and an element of random chance is added. Every single match progresses this way along the bracket to determine the overall winner.