The Contestants: The Golden City Division

Birnin Zana, The Golden City, heart of Wakanda. The Capitol city of the most technologically, socially, and politically advanced society on Earth is happy to welcome their borders for the very time to Ultimate March Madness!

#1 Lex Luthor/ Brainiac

The terrible twosome have teamed up one more time to cause trouble tussling with the titans of tomorrow. In terms of raw power, intellect, true genius, and

#2 Medusa/ Black Bolt

The incredible Inhumans; the most powerful members of the most powerful family, of the most powerful branch of humanity. Both have borne the full weight of their entire civilization at various times, however they’re always most powerful when united. Their relationship transcends royalty, it transcends super-heroics, and maybe, just maybe, it can transcend this crazy tournament…

#3 Green Lantern/ Green Arrow

The Hard travellin’ Heroes are at it again. At first glance it would seem that the greatest ring-slinger the Corps had ever seen, coming out of sector 2814, wouldn’t need help from a humble archer; however Green Arrow brings out the best in his best pal, bringing light to the darkest recesses of Hal’s experience. And when the power battery is low, and your quiver’s out of arrows, what greater power in the universe is there that’s greater than a somewhat tenuous friendship?

#4 Iron Man/ War Machine

Talk about your military-industrial complex! While there may not be many pilots in the Marvel Universe greater than Col James “Rhodey” Rhodes, there’s certainly one man more experience in using the mech suit; one mister Tony “Genius Billionaire Philanthropist” Stark. Packing more firepower than you’d ever believe could fit into, or on top of a personalized suit of armor, these two each have explosive offensive capabilities along with nearly impenetrable defenses. Match that with one of the greatest engineering minds ever devised teamed up with a tactical genius, and this pair is going to be more than a handful for any duo they see.

#5 Aquaman/ Mera

Honestly, after scouring the internet, it was astonishingly difficult to find a picture of the iconic couple not wrapped in a warm embrace, kissing one another in true love. The rulers of over 70% of the Earth’s surface, these to do not take that power lightly. As the single most underrated member of the Justice League, Aquaman and Mera both possess superman strength and invulnerability on par with Superman, mental powers on par with the Martian Manhunter, martial training on par with Wonder Woman, and tactical capabilities on par with Batman; they’re basically a two person Justice League all by themselves!

#6 Mister Fantastic/ Invisible Woman

The Cosmic-powered couple are the actual foundation of the Marvel universe in more ways than one. Fresh off winning the most recent Ultimate March madness with the rest of the first family, the Human Torch and the Thing; Reed and Sue always know what to do, how to do it, and they get it done! From being parents to the child that has destroyed, recreated, and recreated once again the entire multiverse while ALSO being the parents of the smartest person in the multiverse, somehow even smarter than her dad, you can say that their responsibilities run even deeper than keeping tabs on the Mole Man and Doctor Doom, yet somehow, they find a way to do it all!

#7 Nightwing/ Batgirl

Dick and Babs have been through it all together. Sharing perhaps the most unique childhood experience possible under the tutelage of Batman both these fighters have been fighting crime at the highest levels for virtually their entire live. They share a bond like no others, and they somehow still find a way to have fun doing it.

#8 Captain America/ Falcon

Fighters, soldiers, heroes. Captain America and the Flacon have been partners on and off now since the 1960’s, and when Steve got to choose his successor, there the immediate choice was always going to be Sam Wilson. The tow have battled Hydra, AIM, Nazis, and more; fighting for freedom and what’s right no matter the cost, knowing that the right thing to do is always going to be the right thing to do!

#9 Fire/ Ice

Casting their lot together before Maxwell Lord’s Justice League International, the pair found prominence after joining the worlds premiant superhero team. True to their names, fire is much more abrasive, but also helps Ice in matters that she may have less experience. Ice can seem cold at first, but ultimately helps Fire through a lot of problems that don’t necessarily need to be solved with rage alone. Separate they’re both mid-tier heroes, but together, their a pair worthy of the tournament!

#10 Daredevil/ Elektra

The Fearless tandem have such a unique relationship that it’s sometimes difficult to put into words. Facing the Kingpin, Bullseye, and the hand; the biggest challenge in either of their lives, or weirdly even after, has always been one another. But that hasn’t stopped them from also making one another stronger than ever. When Matt Murdock found himself otherwise indisposed of, there’s only one option that he considered to carry on as Daredevil, the Woman Without Fear.

#11 Nite Owl/ Silk Spectre

The two brave enough to continue fighting crime as true superheroes in a world that is sorely lacking for any moral highroad, these two make it happen through sheer force of will. Uncovering a truly ingenious plot by Ozymandias and having all of the tech developed through generations of crime fighting, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre are in the prime of their lives, and ready to accept any fate that may befall them.

#12 Ant-Man/ Wasp

Founding member of the Avengers, both of the diminutive heroes can pack quite the punch! Empowered with Pym’s own special Pym Particles, they’re both able to make use of the most abundant allies on the planet as well as fly, and grow or shrink almost instantaneously, retaining their full strength when small, and gaining great strength when giant. It’s easy to overlook these two genius heroes, but try to keep an eye on them, they’re just as likely to surprise you as they are to surprise any duo that they end up matched up against!

#13 Marco/ Alana

One of the more unique couples in this year’s tournament. Alana is a true warrior, through and through. She’s trained in combat and can make use of her wings when need be. Marco is trying to be a passivist after the things that he’s seen and done in the war but after ending up a prisoner he met Alana and started a family. He has some mystical abilities that he’s made use of one more than one occasion, and the two are both so fiercely protective that you can never count them out!

#14 Misty Knight/ Colleen Wing

The Daughters of the Dragon aren’t your typical team-up. The two best friends from two different worlds with two very different backgrounds somehow became fast friends and have been working together pretty much non-stop since they first met! Rarely have two characters bonded so quickly and been so inseparable.

#15 Hack/ Slash

Survivors of seemingly supernatural killers, both Cassie and Vlad have travelled the country finding, and eliminating the worst of the worst of the slasher genre. You’ve got a scary, enigmatic serial killer taking out randy teenagers, and these two are there to figure it out and bust some heads!

#16 355/ Yorick

Agent 355 was trained for ANYTHING, except babysitting the most stubborn, and unfortunately most important man-child of all time, whom oh by the way, is a master escapist. What starts out as the most difficult job of her career quickly turns in to the most rewarding as the pair start to figure out how to work together and survive through the end of everything.