The Contestants: Metropolis Division

Metropolis! This gleaming metropolitan conference is home to some of the multiverse’s most spectacular heroes and citizens, and is consistently a top-ranked powerhouse division.

#1 Superman / Lois Lane

Big Blue and his long-time partner have been through just about everything imaginable together. Superman’s awe-inspiring powers are more than a match for even the most powerful duos in the tournament, but don’t count out the wit, keen eye and instincts of the Pulitzer -winning reporter strong enough to capture the heart of the Man of Steel!

#2 Professor X / Magneto

Leaders, visionaries, revolutionaries, mutants. Professor Magneto and Professor X both lead their own schools of thought when it comes to mutants and the responsibilities they bear. This particular pair of Omega-level mutants share more in common than not, but their methods have always varied throughout the years. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: when these two frenemies are working together, they can be nearly unstoppable in terms of sheer power, planning and force of will.

#3 Spider-Man / Spider-Man

The Ultimate (wink) team up! Double the Spider-Strength, double the Spider-Sense, Double the webs, Double the snark! An experienced Parker lending wisdom to Miles’ new powers and these two are a true force to be reckoned with! The classic Parker Luck aside, having two spider-guys on the field is enough to give any opponent pause, even without considering the bio-electric powers at Miles’ disposal outside the usual Spider-suite of abilities. Plus, if the battles takes place on their home turf of New York City? Fuggedaboutit.

#4 Power Girl / Huntress

They’re not the World’s (or Worlds’) Finest for no reason! Power Girl and Huntress, each exceptionally dangerous on their own, combine the unrestrained might of a Kryptonian cousin of Kal-El with the athletics, tactics and technical expertise you’d expect from the heir to the respective mantles of the Bat and Cat of Gotham — no matter which universe they’re in. Power Girl and Huntress are a cross-dimensional team-up that’s equally at home fighting street level crime as they are facing down cosmic threats.

#5 Cable / Deadpool

Opposites attract, except when they don’t! Begun as adversaries for the ages, Deadpool and Cable have grown into a fan-favorite pairing practically guaranteed to bring down the house — literally. There’s no bad big enough, no structure strong enough, to stand up to the combined destructive talents of The Merc With The Mouth and the timeline’s surliest techno-organic warrior.

#6 Booster Gold / Blue Beetle

Once upon a time, two brash young heroes took on the Royal Flush Gang together, triumphed, and subsequently became best friends. These two bros have seen it all, from the A Train at three in the morning to Apokolips at high noon, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a duo more in sync both on and off the battlefield. Loveable losers, superpowered misfits, Blue and Gold, Booster and Beetle, these two are somehow both under and over-estimated.

#7 Wolverine / Shadowcat

At a time when Wolverine was firmly in the spotlight and moving away from being the X-Men’s resident source of gruff and grumpy camp toward a grim and gritty “best at what he does” archetype, Logan found a foil in the young Kitty Pride. Acting as an older brother of sorts, the relationship between Wolverine and Shadowcat is strong, and these two always have another trick up their sleeve.

#8 Northstar / Aurora

The Beaubier twins, Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie, spent most of their childhood separated — each not knowing the existence of the other. But, eventually, as members of Canadian super-team Alpha Flight, the twins would reunite and overcome all sorts of opposition and adversity. They can be a bit of a wild card — over the years, the nature of their powers has changed quite a bit. They’re always stronger together, but sometimes that sentiment is exceedingly literal. Even separated, though, each twin can move at speeds approaching light itself — and they only get stronger the faster they go!

#9 Cloak / Dagger

These two runaways could not be more different, but their shared destiny cannot be denied. No strangers to tragedy and heartbreak and unwitting victims both gifted and inflicted with power, Cloak and Dagger are a rare match in superpowered duos where their pairing is not only effective — it is necessary. Without Dagger’s light to satisfy the hunger of the darkness he is connected to, Cloak would (and has) succumbed to some terrifying impulses. Together, though, these two are undeniably some of Marvel’s most quietly effective heroes.

#10 Hellboy / Liz Sherman

Hellboy isn’t the only one at the B.P.R.D. well-acquainted with fire. Liz Sherman is a gifted pyrokinetic and field agent, mentored professionally and personally by Hellboy. She’s come a long way from disintegrating city blocks on accident, and her potential for pyrotechnics alongside asking the right questions pairs wonderfully with Hellboy’s direct — and often down and dirty — approach. They’ve seen more sides of the world than they’d care to remember together, and the fate of the world is usually in good hands with these two.

#11 Rogue / Gambit

Ain’t no problem can’t be solved with a healthy dose of Southern charm and exploding playing cards — a fact proven time and time again by Marvel’s mutant power couple. More on-again than they are off-again, Rogue’s potential for power theft and Gambit’s well-placed kinetic blasts alongside their shared ability to simultaneously play the odds and rig the game make them a pairing to watch out for in any circumstance. Even without powers, both Rogue and Gambit are more than capable combatants, but when they’re in sync there’s not much capable of standing in their way.

#12 Quantum / Woody

Formerly estranged adoptive brothers gifted with the ability to direct energy into offensive or defensive potential with just one drawback: they’ve got to smack bracelets together once every 24 hours to avoid dissolving into quantum foam. Past versions haven’t quite had a bond this close, but the klang remains the same, and the goat isn’t leaving either. Quantum and Woody are equal parts brash and reserved, tactical and overconfident, but they’re experts at making a bad situation work out — right after it gets worse.

#13 Goon / Franky

Always ready to inflict all sorts of violence on the things going bump in the night around Lonely Street, the Goon and Franky have a unique talent for putting all sorts of entities back in the grave, for good. From Zombie Priests to airborne octopuses, gremlins to the hobo empire, Franky and the Goon are the last two you want to run into down a dark alley.

#14 Kick-Ass / Hit-Girl

Not every team-up is strong enough to be equal parts cautionary tale and capable ass-kickers, but these two certainly are both. Battered, bruised, bloodied — but you should see the other guys. Where training fails Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass picks up the slack with determination, and when willpower just isn’t enough, Hit-Girl is usually somewhere close by ready to strike. They don’t have powers, but you’d struggle to find two street-level everyday heroes more willing to bring the fight directly to you.

#15 Rick / Michonne

“The Walking Dead” features loss on a scale most of us can only imagine. In a world that’s all but ended, the few that manage to scrape by face day after day of suffering with no end in sight. Rick and Michonne have trauma in common, alongside their respective skills for leadership and zombie-killing, and together they’re two pillars of continued survival for everyone around them.

#16 Betty / Veronica

Friends. Rivals. Enemies. Soulmates. Betty and Veronica are the template for the complicated relationship, but they’ve somehow made it through time after time. No superpowers here, unless you count the real superpower — which was the friends we made along the way.