The Contestants: Madripoor Division

Welcome to Madripoor! This bustling principality has got whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s in the bright lights and mega-skyscrapers of Hightown or the rough-and-tumble streets of Lowtown. No matter where you go, though, it’s all business here — making Madripoor a name to remember when it comes to picking the division that might just take home the trophy.

#1 Doctor Strange / Clea

The exploits of Dr. Stephen Strange are well-known, as are his abilities as Sorcerer Supreme. But what of Clea? Daughter of Umar, niece of Dormammu, disciple of Strange, she is no stranger to the mystic arts — sharing an elemental connection to the magic binding the universe together, Clea’s raw potential paired with Strange’s training is a rival for the power of any being. But when they’re together, sparks of all sorts start flying, and the best idea is not to stand in their way.

#2 Mister Miracle / Big Barda

Forget Montagues and Capulets — true star-crossed romance and true power can (and do!) coexist in the relationship between these two heroes from diametrically opposed homeworlds. Barda, the Fury, warrior of Apokolips at the command of Darkseid himself. Mister Miracle, son of the Highfather and warrior prince of New Genesis. They may be from opposite backgrounds, but Big Barda and Mister Miracle have had each other’s back and returned to each other’s arms more times than anyone could count.

#3 Scarlet Witch / Vision

What do a reality-warping, probability-affecting, hex-casting mutant witch and an ageless, impossibly powerful android have in common? A lot, as it turns out. Scarlet Witch and Vision have been Marvel’s premier literal and figurative power couple for quite some time, and not just because they’re individually nigh-impossible to take down. Their respect and love for each other has been an ace in the hole during crisis after crisis because, in any Marvel Universe, there’s literally nothing these two can’t do together.

#4 Wonder Woman / Steve Trevor

Their relationship may be occasionally complicated, but the dynamic isn’t: Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor work well together. Diana’s Amazonian lineage, training and experience pair well with the tried, tested and true grit of Steve — often to the benefit of the entire world. Historically, she’s saved him far more than he’s saved her, but that’s entirely understandable when you’re dealing with one-third of the Trinity and one of the biggest guns in the Justice League’s arsenal.

#5 Superman / Robin

The Super Sons, back at it again! Anything but sidekicks, Damian Wayne and Jon Kent are living up to the legacy of their fathers and mentors together. Expertly trained, exceptionally powerful and prepared to meet just about any challenge, the Super Sons may still have a little bit to prove — but it isn’t all that much, considering how much they’ve already done together in so relatively little time. They have their differences, sure, but these two are brothers in all but name.

#6 Cyclops /Jean Grey

The head and the heart of the X-Men in the field, Cyclops and Jean Grey certainly have the power to prevail in most fights — but there’s a significant advantage in their extensive experience with each other. Scott and Jean have been together for so long, in so many iterations, that they’re just about impossible to separate. Which is good for them, usually, and also usually bad for whoever (or whatever) they’re up against.

#7 Rocket / Groot

Everyone’s favorite rampaging not-a-raccoon and resident deciduous powerhouse, Rocket and Groot excel at getting into — and subsequently out of — jams of all types, shapes and sizes. Anything that can’t be smashed can almost surely be blown up, a fact these two make use of just about every business day.

#8 Poison Ivy / Harley Quinn

Two-thirds of the Gotham City Sirens and decidedly the closer two out of the three, Harley and Ivy are friends through thick and thin — and things have been awful thick in the past, so that’s saying something. When they team up, though, it’s always clear just how much they mean to each other, and just how much havoc they’re capable of wreaking.

#9 Moon Girl / Devil Dinosaur

The smartest character in the Marvel Universe, pair-bonded with an Inhuman T-Rex. Lunella Lafayette and her Inspector Gadget-level of equipment are enough to change the world all on her own, but her consciousness sometimes swapping places with her dinosaur companion is equal parts advantage and disadvantage. If there’s one thing Moon girl and Devil Dinosaur are, it’s a wild card.

#10 Hawkman / Hawkgirl

Thanagarian warriors are among the most formidable in the galaxy, and the exploits of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from the Golden Age all the way until now prove just how effective love, trust, and archaic weaponry can be in the right hands. A perfect example of working better together, with the rare exception of blood rages following personal tragedy, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are perfectly in sync and always prepared to lay the smackdown on all comers.

#11 Captain Cold / Heatwave

It’s tough to believe that a man named Leonard Snart could be a hard act to follow, but Heatwave has always had a tough time taking the spotlight from Captain Cold in the Central City rogue’s gallery. Perhaps it’s because of how well these two work together, when they work together, because polar opposite powers have a certain way of working out when the name of the game is keeping heroes off-balance.

#12 Hawkeye / Hawkguy

When the student becomes the master, it’s a testament not only to the skill of the the one learning — but also the teacher. Clint Barton and Kate Bishop are practical proof that two archers are better than one, and even one archer keeping pace with the heaviest-hitting heroes and villains of Marvel as a founding Avenger is an achievement.

#13 Conan / Red Sonja

A she-devil and a warrior king, Conan and Red Sonja are unmatched in martial prowess. Feats of strength, stamina and combat proficiency are all easily passed with flying colors, with the main color being red. Blood red.

#14 Wonder Twins

Any animal, any form of water, the Wonder Twins have one of the most unique power sets of any costumed heroes. The fact they’re a package deal makes practicality a little further down the priority list than most, but the Wonder Twins have proven time and again they’re up to the task of super-heroics.

#15 Duncan / Gran

Coming from a recent favorite, the appeal of Duncan and Gran cannot be denied. If King Arthur has been resurrected and is seeking to violently subjugate the entire planet, there’s really only one person to call, right? Your grandmother. Obviously. Who else will have the wits, the skill, the ancient knowledge to help you best the King?

#16 Sam / Twitch

Two unlikely cops in an increasingly strange world, Sam and Twitch have been fan-favorites since their first appearance. You’d expect them to be crooked, dirty in some way, but Sam and Twitch and both about as clean as they come in a world where hellspawn walk the #Earth. Loyal to the job and each other, with brawn and shooting talent to spare, these two detectives might leave a few broken bones and windows, but they get the job done.