The Contestants: Gotham Division

Gotham City, home to a plethora of more… colorful denizens; Gotham plays host to some of the most powerful teams from across the multi-verse. No stranger to high octane action, mysterious occurrences, and exciting battles, buckle up for an action packed week!

#1 Doctor Doom/ Namor

The Ultimate Super-Villain Team-Up. Victor Vonn Doom is the unquestioned ruler of Latveria, the ultimate adversary to the not just the Fantastic Four, but the entire marvel Universe, and at times, he has reigned supreme over large portions of the entire multi-verse. Doctor Doom won the second ever Ultimate march Madness all by himself, no help needed. He’s been labeled king, criminal, genius, humbled, and more, but Doom does not heed labels, Doom is Doom. He is the master of the mystic arts and the master of most scientific disciplines as well. Doom is someone that will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and even with the interference of pesky Richards and his infernal family, Doom is one of the very few labelled a “villain,” to often succeed. Namor prings an incredible amount of power to the already unrivalled brilliance of Doom. He is King of Atlantis and hold the power to maintain the throne. He has worked with and against a number of his contemporaries as it pleases him, and in this for instance, it pleases him to partner with Doom. Anyone in their way better look out, because either one is more than a handful on their own, but together, they just might have what it takes to win it all.

#2 Invincible/ Atom Eve

Talk about a power couple! The biggest debate over these two might just be which one of them is actually stronger! Invincible pulls in all of your typical super powers; he’s super strong, super tough, super fast, he can fly, he can heal from just about anything, and he’s got a heart of gold. Atom Eve may not look nearly as imposing at first, streaking forward clad in all pink, but don’t let that bright exterior fool you, she can manipulate matter and energy on the sub-atomic level and is able to use that gift to allow herself flight, telekinesis, energy blasts, force fields, and pretty much anything else that she sets her mind to. There’s a serious block on manipulating living matter, but anything else is fair game. Look for these two younger contestants to make a BIG splash in this year’s tournament!

#4 Batman/ Catwoman

Almost certainly the highest ranked team that doesn’t actually have any superpowers, but are they somehow still underrated? Are they overrated? Is it weird that the term, “Dynamic Duo,” started out referring to just ONE of these contestants, though he’s recently favored a newer… partner in crime 😉

Whatever your feeling on the matter, there’s no denying that the Bat and the Cat have tremendous chemistry, as history together that’s longer than most of the characters have even existed, and that they both always seem to find a way to finish on top…

#4 Supergirl/ Brainiac 5

Meeting in the far flung future, 1000 years wasn’t enough to keep this duo apart. What more fitting partner for Kara Zor El, one of the most powerful beings in the multi-verse than the 12th level intellect oft leader and strategist of the intergalactic super-hero club of the year 3000,Brainiac 5!

#5 Flash/ Kid Flash

When the incredible power of the Speed Force isn’t quite enough, where does the Flash turn? To the Flash Family, of course! And nobody comes running faster than his nephew, Wally. After getting trapped in the Speed Force for years, it’s Wally that picked up the mantle and proved himself every single bit the hero as Barry ever was, even surpassing him in a lot of ways. The two were reunited for far too short after Barry’s return, and it wasn’t until just recently that they’ve found themselves together again. No matter which one of them is trapped in the Speed Force or making the ultimate sacrifice to save all of reality, the only certainty is the two are always better together!

#6 Green Lantern/ Green Lantern

Two unlikely heroes with very different origins, given near unlimited power and not really knowing what to do with it, or how! Simon Baz would seem to have been going down a villain’s path until the ring chose him and he was able to use it to make his situation better. And Jessica Cruz may still be locked away inside of her apartment if she hadn’t been singled out and called to fight through her agoraphobia. BUT, they both made it, they’re official members of the Green Lantern Corps with all of the rights, titles, and weapons that go along with it. Every time they take the skies together, they get just a little bit more experience, and they become just a little bit tougher to beat!

#7 Wonder Man/ Beast

Simon Williams and Henry “Hank” McCoy are perhaps the unlikeliest of friends. One, an international superstar, gorgeous, successful, and the holder of six different advanced degrees in science and mathematics; the other, a huge movie star with nigh limitless ionic power! Wonder Man and Beast’s extremely different backgrounds brought the two close during their time on the Avengers, and when the chips are down, they’re the perfect compliment to one another, on the battlefield and off.

#8 Wolverine/ Honey Badger

They’re the best there is at what they do; or at the very least, they’re nearly genetically identical. The scientific marvel that is Logan’s success in the Weapon X program has brought, for better or for worse, many attempts to replicate the process. When no candidates were able to really replicate his abilities, what other options did the scientists at weapon X have? Procuring a nearly complete genetic sample, they got to work and found a creative way to work around the damaged Y chromosome and thus the Weapon X program was back in business. Gabby, unknown to Laura for nearly as long as Laura was unknown to Logan, the two are kicking every ass that needs a kicking and taking names. Call her Laura Kinney, X-23, or the All New All Different Wolverine; just don’t call her anything that’s going to get you into trouble.

#9 Batgirl/ Batgirl

While the mantle’s been passed from one Bat to the next for years, you always know that anyone with the iconic nocturnal mammal emblazoned across their chest means business. Cass might be the single most competent fighter in the entire DC universe. Steph might be about the most clever. Oh, and neither one of them is all that deficient in what the other does better either. With all the training, knowhow, and gadgets of any two Bat-Contestants, these two just might turn more than one or two heads as this tournament plays out.

#10 Archer/ Armstrong

When you’ve seen it all, you tend to just remember the highlights, especially if you’re an immortal skating through your time in a hedonist state of inebriation. Luckily for Armstrong, being super strong and literally unkillable means you don’t really have all that much to worry about. One thing that he DOES bother keeping up with? His good pal Archer! Though Archer is a lot (a LOT a lot) younger and doesn’t have nearly the breadth of experience, everything matters to the young man with perfect recall and muscle memory, able to mimic literally any movement or skill that he witnesses. The unlikely duo bring a unique perspective to any situation, and especially to any fight.

#11 Power Man/ Iron Fist

Unbreakable skin and strength to match? Check. Master of martial arts and the keeper of the Iron Fist? Check. Heroes? Check. For hire?! Hey, everyone’s got to make a living! Whether they’re fighting off hoards of ninjas in K’un L’un, beating down Doctor Doom because he owes them money, or brawling with the Serpent Society in Harlem, these two are ALWAYS ready for action!

#12 Absorbing Man/ Titania

One of the most surprisng teams to make this year’s tournament, this couple is STACKED. They’re both complete powerhouses that can toe to toe with the Hulk, and have, on more than one occasion!

#13 Bebop/ Rocksteady

Trolling the streets of New York for Turtles is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! When the Shredder is busy with his Machiavellian scheming, and the rest of the Foot clan just isn’t up to the task, it’s up to these two mutates to deliver the goods. Before you write off the dimwitted duo, don’t forget they’re pretty much always outnumbered, and they always hold their own, and despite the many encounters that they’ve had with the teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and allies, they ALWAYS find a way to keep coming back!

#14 Scott Pilgrim/ Romana Flowers

Scott’s taken on the whole world, the universe, and that was all before his finest hour! AND he seems woefully underpowered compared to the enigmatic Ramona Flowers, who seems to capable of just about anything that she puts her mind to. A woman so incredible that she holds every ex she has, rapt in her majesty; it’s no wonder they’ve all banded together to prevent anyone else from being able to date her. She can literally skate through your dreams, who knows what’s in that bag of holding, and now that she’s free of the evil exes, what limits are there to her power! ?

#15 Ka-Zar/ Shanna

It may be easy to write off the Lord and Lady of the Savage Land as two contestants with no super powers, without thinking about the fact that spend every single day fighting dinosaurs protecting not just themselves, but all the peoples of the Savage Land! They’ve matched skills with mutant killing Sentinels, Stegron, Doctor Octopus, and Magneto, all while armed with nothing but a pair of knives and the finest in handmade leather swimwear!

#16 Agents Tony Chu/ Jonathan Colby

The A-team of the FDA, a cibopathic detective and his guns blazing, no nonsense, does whatever it takes to get the job done partner! Ready to take a bite out of crime, and possibly upset one or two teams along the way.