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 New Gods vs Nextwave


New Gods (2): Orion, Highfather, Lightray, Mister Miracle, Big Barda

Nextwave (13): Monica Rambeau, Machine Man, Tabitha Smith, Elsa Bloodstone, The Captain

The residents of New Genesis sit, intently watching their youngest member Scott Free, Mister Miracle, sit on the ground cross legged, fiddling with his Mother Box.

Looking out across the field and noting her opponents moments of preparation, Monica Rambeau turns to her… “unique” compatriots, “We’ve made it this far, might as well go one or two more rounds, right?”

Machine Man stares out at the opposition, “Not quite fleshies, not quite not, they seem to be some kind of deities, though much newer than Thor or Hercules.”

“New Gods?” Sounds like a lot of monsters, don’t it?” Elsa Bloodstone digs through some pouches looking very intently until she pulls out a few very large, very shiny shells. “God killers, got a couple of them. The trick is hittin’ ‘em just right.” She pops the shells into her shotgun and slings it over her shoulder.

The Captain looks around at his group and belches, “What? We’re all saying ☠☠☠☠ then? ☠☠☠☠ to that!” He pulls a small brown bottle out of his coat and begins consuming the beverage direct from the bottle contained within.

Tabby chimes in before the rally to action, “Everything goes boom once you hit it hard enough!”


A wide blue tube of swirling energy opens up in front of the New Gods, one by one they walk through until none of them remain save Mister Miracle. He looks up at the Beyonder, smiles, gives a salute, and walks out. The portal closes behind him. Mister Miracle has never found a prison, of any sort, that he couldn’t escape eventually.

WINNER: Nextwave