In town for the weekend, but busy during the day time?
Shop with us every Saturday, but have plans this weekend?
Sleep all day party all night?
Hate traffic?
Like spinning wheels to win prizes?

We’ll be open from the start of business Friday morning until our normal closing hours on Saturday night, staying open ALL NIGHT LONG!!! We’ll be having 4 hour long blocks of changing sales the ENTIRE time; but wait there’s MORE! For the entire length of the sale we are also doing a blanket Buy 3 Items, Get 2 Items FREE mix and match! BUT WAIT! THERE IS EVEN MORE, MORE! Spend $50 or more and get a visit to our Free BONUS TPB/Graphic Novel table as an added gift!

Whatever your reason to check out Ultimate Comics Cary location after hours, stop on by!

Sale Schedule (Sale benefits are only available during the times posted below and unless noted do not stack with the ongoing Buy 3, Get 2, so plan accordingly!):

Friday July 27th 11am-3pm: Back Issues are an Additional 10% Off!
Friday July 27th 3pm-7pm: TPBs/Graphic Novels are Buy 2, Get 2 Free!
Friday July 27th 7pm-11pm: Toys are Buy 2, Get 2 Free!
Friday July 27th/Saturday July 28th 11pm-3am: Back Issues are Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
Saturday July 28th 3am-7am: Toys are an Extra 10% Off!
Saturday July 28th 7am-11am: TPBs/Graphic Novels an Extra 10% off!
Saturday July 28th 11am-3pm: Toys Buy 3, Get 3 Free!
Saturday July 28th 3pm-7pm: 50% Off Back Issues!

NOTE: Sales Listed Do Not Apply to Supplies and/or Items on Hold.

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